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Goa Lifestyle to make a difference on  the planet.

I am born in Goa, my parents are green hippies. Their lifestyle made a difference to me. The handmade things in this shop are from international artists and makers. I know every single one. By buying, you support these people and the planet!

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Liquid Wood instead of Plastic! 

Could Arboform help the world live a more sustainable life? 

Liquis wood soap box rad

Every weekend I am on a different market. Find out where!

You can visit me on location:  

simple and easy.

Why Zero Waste? This is for You!

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 Products: Traceable and transparent producers and artist.

Packaging: Only recycled  and plastic-free packaging. 

Shipping: Exclusively Co2 neutral with GoGreen.

Support Small Business:

I know my artists and producers personally.

My personal Tipps and tricks for a ecofriendly lifesty

Artist & Producers

ReBottle Profile


ReBottle is an artist living in Portugal, where the majority of cork comes from.


Kaffee Form Profile


Is an Innovative company in Berlin. They recycle coffee grounds to produce their cups. Read more….

Funky soap Collage

Funky Soap Shop

This is a small company in England who produce amazing organic cosmetics.

Read more….

Things my mother loves

This cutlery set helps you in your daily life, if its the weekly strawl over the market, camping or even picknick.  

Miswak Toothwood is beneficial and does the job of cleaning teeth. With all its vitamins and mineral, you don't need toothpaste or toothbrush. 

The beeswax wraps are one of the best kitchen helps. You can reuse the wraps and stop using plastic foil or tinfoil. 

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Awesome product and fast shipping! Thank you 🌸


A lovely product and wonderful customer service! I gave the cutlery set as a gift and they loved it! Thank you so much 😊


Nice! my daily companion in the fight against plastic waste!


Super nice drinking bottle in top quality! Frighteningly easy. I love this thing!


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Eco friendly products that help you in your daily life in fighting plastic pollution and living a more conscious lifestyle.  

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