Are you tired of commercial food? Do you need more sustainable energy on your festival? Do you need more sustainable food on your festival?

As a frequent customer and co-worker, over the years I have attended many festivals and I would have loved to have healthy and nutritious meals, because at home i take care of that too.

With my project, I would like to bring people closer self -healing and nutritious food with the help of amazing fresh spices, herbs and superfoods.

I have spent a lot of time collecting knowledge about all kinds of superfoods and spices around the world and making self-experiences with great success.

Superfoods are important to vegans, vegetarians, and intolerant people because it’s the better alternative way of intaking their vitamin supplements. There are man made Supplements that we all know but Superfoods are natural and plant based Supplements

Having been brought up in Goa and India, I have become aware of the healing properties and health benefits of the Ayurvedic traditional Indian cuisine. Mixing the taste of Indian and European foods, I came up with amazing recipes. This helped and inspired me to create this menu.

I have spent a lot of time finding and collecting great and fresh spices, herbs and superfoods!

This way i ensure the quality of the spices and the quality of the food taste as well. I support small farmers and family in India and around the world, to individually help their economy.

Over the last 7 years, i have made many vegan, vegetarian and intolerant people very happy, as they had a big variety of good food at the Naturalien Project stall.



A mixed meal with vegetables, legumes and rice. Boosted with Vitamins, Minerals, fibers and omami effect. A very big plate, many people share it in two.

  • Mix Veg Thai Curry Rajma (Kidney beans curry)
  • Dal                                       (Red lentils curry soup)
  • Aloo Gobi.                           (Creamy potato and cauliflower)
  • Rice
  • Salad                                    (Marinated cabbage and tomato salad)
  • Mango pickles                     (Marinated in curry raw mango)
  • Papadam                             (A fried crisp made of rice and lentils

Non Thali

Separated Thali in to individual dishes. The Sides remain the same.

  • Mix Veg Thai Curry + Rice
  • Rajma + Rice
  • Dal + Rice

Indian Wrap

The wrap is an amazing quick to go snack, full of Indian feel good spices. Comforting – this recipe truly feels like a big hug! It’s warm, hearty and healthy-ish.

  • Marinated Tofu
  • Rajma (Bean curry)
  • Tortilla Wrap
  • Salad
  • Mint
  • Cucumber
  • Cherry tomato
  • Yogurt Chutney

Soup’s and Snacks

 Dal Soup

Aloo Gobi + Rajma Soup


Cauliflower Pakora

Potato Pakora

The soup come with whole bread, the snacks come with coconut chutney

Acai Bowl

Acai sorbeit is a frozen Barry that comes from the amazon. It tastes both nutty and fruity. The Berry has the most antioxidants found in any fruit.

  • Frozen Acai Sorbeit
  • Granola (Müsli) 
  • Mixed Nuts
  • Cacao Nibs
  • Banana, Apple and seasonal fruit
  • Available seeds and superfoods.

Superfood Drinks

The drinks contain superfoods for detoxifying, regenrating and energizing.

  1. Sun (Fresh orange, ginger, maca powder)
  2. Venus (Mixed berries, banana, carrot, apple juice, spirulina)
  3. Earth (Seasonal greens, cucumber, apple, apple juice, lemon, pepper and turmeric)
  4. Big Bang (Acai sorbeit, fresh orange juice, guarana)

The Structure

The pvc tent has a 6m front and a depth of 8m, a car space at the back of 2m X 6m. This means Pitch size is 6m front and 10m depth. The stall is decorated with bamboo mats, plants and flowers, jute ornaments and with as much natural feeling to it as possible. The decoration of the stall bring out the vegetarian feeling.

The Founder

I am Malini, a German kid brought up in India. I have lived and grown up mostly in Goa, but also in the northern Himalayas. I moved to Berlin Germany when i was about 23 years, this is when i stoped living from a suitcase and passport, and fixed some roots. I was working already a few years on festivals, of all kinds, and went to party as a guest on countless as well. With 25 i was bored of parties and working like a nut-job for some nut-jobs, so i decided i need to do something out of my life for myself. This was no easy task, because i wanted to do something good.

Why not, serving good food to good people? In order to do good food i had to rethink my life, i stoped smoking and experimenting with food, superfoods and all their nutritional properties. This took countless hours of self teaching with books, documentaries and knowledge from the old hippies.

The project took me back to India to learn even more recipes and Ayurvedic knowledge. Traveled all over to find the right spices for this project, this way i can serve food with fresh Ayurvedic spices!

Festivals attended in the past

Freqs of Nature, Modem, Lost Theory, Goa Gil Berlin, Karneval der Kulturen, Future Nature, Indian Spirit, Antaris, Space Safari, Psychedelic Experience, Pax Terra Elements, Sonica, Wanderlust, Sundaze, Psy Fi, Bucht der Träumer, Moyn Moyn, Burg Herzberg, Master of Puppets, Ikarus.

About Me



Growing up in India you are constantly surrounded with garbage, if its in the city, if its along the ocean in the monsoon or if its the cow chewing it for hours. You are always faced with it. 

When i moved to Germany, i was not faced with it anymore, i just dumped it in the big bin behind the apartment building and it was gone. This made me realize my garbage consumption, not having to burn it in the backyard every week made me think, because i was producing 5 times more garbage. 

Rethinking that whatever I'm buying to eat at the supermarket, was packed and sometimes repacked in plastic. 

I have a food truck businesses on music events since 2015, this made me realize even more, of how much more consumption i was making. The food industry is a massive plastic producer. Everything that you use with plastic, has to be changed every now and then, according to the health department, but this is hard plastic. 

This brought me to my next Business idea, why not have an eco-friendly stall at the Christmas market where the consumption of people is enormous. Especially all the plastic toys, chemical perfumes and cosmetics, Christmas decoration etc., you know where I'm getting at. I wanted to make a lil change by introducing eco-friendly presents and lifestyle ideas that last you long, and make a better impact on nature. 


Having Multi Lingual Parents that were living a hippy and nomad lifestyle, I met lots of International people. Also me living a somewhat traveling lifestyle through my Festivals and Markets, I find Inspirational products.

I offer natural, long lasting and zero waste alternatives to synthetic and single use products.

For this i choose the products carefully. All  materials are either natural or recycled. The products are produced sustainably and resource-friendly.  Most of the items come from small artisan manufacturers, where the production volume is limited and the origin and process is therefore traceable and transparent.

 Of course I do a lot of research and testing, to ensure the quality is good and I can sell with a hand on my heart.