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Dishwashing Soap, Universal Cleaner


Dishwashing soap has antibacterial properties of soap berries and citric peels, allong with tamarind that makes glass shiny and clean.


The Universal Soap is a rich powerhouse tool to wash off all kind of grease. Removes grease on dishes and pots, but also cleans surfaces, sinks, bathtub, top-counter stoves, machineries etc.. The Universal soap is a great alternative to the harsh chemical detergents. The Universal cleaner has the benefits of Soap berries and citrus peel to remove all kinds of bacteria. Tamarind has the great effect that makes glass look shiny, without leaving stains.

It’s great to travel with, as you can just cut off a piece and take it with you in the hand-luggage on the plain. Nature loving people that live with their caravans etc, can use it without worrying about harming the environment. You can use it in Restaurants, Industrial use, Offices, School, Day-care and wherever it need to be cleaned.

ADVICE : Place the soap on a soap dish that keeps the soap dry like our cork soap dish. Use our Loofah Sponge or a natural sponge, to keep it eco-friendly all the way.

USE : Wet the natural sponge, then rub the sponge on the soap. Make it foam and wash your dishes or surfaces. Rinse and dry. Let the natural sponge dry too by hanging it somewhere.

Weight 0.500 g

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