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Reusable Bamboo Straw Set (10 pcs. + Brush)


  • 100% organic Bamboo
  • fair trade
  • replanted after harvested
  • made in Bali
  • not breakable like glass
  • suitable for thick smoothies
  • do not wash in dishwasher


This reusable bamboo straw set is a great addition the next garden- or cocktail party and a good alternative to single use plastic. The straws can be used both for cold- and hot beverages and can be cleaned easily with the added brush. Wash the set before using the straws, to remove wood paticles. But don’t put them in the washing mashine, as they might crack.

We source this product directly from a certified farm on Bali. We monitor the sustainability of the cultivation process intently. No chemicals are added and harvest is proportionate to replantation and regrowth.
Suitable for all ages, also (e.g. people in need of care).

Use: After use, rinse with water and the provided brush, otherwise the fruit and vegetable leftovers might mold inside.

Weight 0.300 g

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