Pocket Cutlery Tool 2in1


  • 2in1 Cutlery (eat with fork and knife simultaneously)
  • easy foldable to small size
  • stainless steel
  • easy to go set


This handy stainless steel pocket cutlery tool is a perfect to-go gadget. Take it to your next picnic, the workplace, on longer journeys or camping trips. It is easy to clean and fits in any bag. This way you don’t have to use single use plastic cutlery ever again, and one more plus side, you are always equipped with a wine opener.

– Cutting knife
– Fork
– Spoon
– Corkscrew
– Bottle-/Can-opener
– Pricker

Use: Unfold the spoon and fork, only then you are able to separate the cutlery into two pieces. Since it can be dismantled into two parts, you can eat with the fork in one hand and the knife in the other hand. The knife is very sharp, so be careful while closing it into place.

Material : Stainless Steel




Weight 0.300 g

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