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Thermos Bottle with Natural Cork Casing (750ml)Natural


This thermos bottle has a beautiful natural cork casing. It’s a real eye-catcher! The grains of the bark create this unique tigerlike pattern. Every piece is unique!

Cork is a great heat insulator, the temperature of  your beverage will be preserved for 12 hours at the least. The casing also prevents it from feeling too hot or too cold  in your hands. Cork feels light and smooth when you hold it. The material is also impervious to other liquids and easily washable. It has proven to be durable and  long lasting.

The cork oak is harvested every nine years without any damage to the tree. It just keeps thriving and growing. Being reyclable and biodegradable also makes it a very sustainable option.

And pssssst! There also ist a secret compartment! Just remove the steel handle so you can open the wooden lid of the screw cap.

Great for long days outdoors – be it summer or winter!

Material :Stainless Steel 18/8 (high quality), Natural fair trade cork.



Weight 0.500 g

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